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Create alias for docker-compose command.

echo 'alias dc="docker-compose"' >> ~/.bash_aliases

Also, you have might be needed include ~/.bash_aliases in your ~/.bashrc file.

Build all

dc build


Create usefully symlinks


Get composer auth token

If you do not have composer github auth.json file in ~/.composer dir. You will need launch the helper-script:


Before use and launch

You need copy vhosts.conf.example and edit this file - remove unused roots (or change to existing dirs). Setup correctly nginx config.

You ready for up containers.

dc up -d

Database dumps

Database dumps must be placement on ./hostfiles directory.

Bash scripts

After execute created symlinks, you have some enter-points for vulnerable popular tasks.


For start debugging in php-fpm, also in workspace

./ [74|73] - 74 by default

For start debugging in php-fpm, also in workspace

./ or ./ 73 if you launch start with php-version 73

Xdebug with profiler

Profiler saved your profiles into /tmp directory in own container.

In docker-compose.base.yml exists volume that represent /tmp directory to ./data/profiler. In this case ./data/profiler must be have 777 chmod`s.

For starting xdebug with profiler enable you might:

./ 74 1


./ 74 profiler if you like

Second argument must be have any string

For disable profiler - just simple launch



For import dumps from hostfiles directory you might be enter to mysql console:


Change you needed database and source to the *.sql dump.

use mydatabase

source /hostfiles/mydatabase.sql

Dump must be extracted before source in mysql-cli


For execute composer update|install or nodejs operations, also yarn, npm and all node-builds. You might use workspace-container

For the enter to workspace container with php 7.4 you need launch usefully helper script in your home directory:


For enter to workspace with php7.3 you need pass 73 container name suffix

./ 73


For restart nginx after some changes in nginx configuration, you might:


Src build need DOCKER_BUILDKIT

If you want build own workspace image. You need export environment variable


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