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toxa17 de93f6746b * use separate php tmp dir 2 weeks ago
toxa17 075f50b08c + komodoproject file to ignore 2 weeks ago
dimti 63500c4fff + git aliases in aliases.sh.example 3 weeks ago
dimti 8c72843191 * disable short open tag on php by default 4 weeks ago
Прокопенко Алексей db2c2aac82 + location app docx 2 months ago
magomed 3cd2603bf3 - turn off php73 from nginx conf example by default 3 months ago
magomed d6d86179e6 * true path for composer auth 3 months ago
magomed 2d0fc4385d * set root user before change php options in workspace build 3 months ago
dimti 54a04feae7 * fix workspace base image 3 months ago
dimti 6743629602 * xdebug in workspace downgrading to 2.x version 4 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей 5cf2889c55 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' 4 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей ec68f3549e * fix bag name location 4 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) a2fb8827c3 + xdebug into workspace & opcache into php-fpm 4 months ago
dimti 4201d657d6 * jpgeg -> jpeg 5 months ago
dimti 4a0dbb92d8 * php opt post max size 5 months ago
dimti 4bac781c3b - remove line break 6 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей 471b5c1502 + webp example config 6 months ago
dimti b85b503015 * octobercms config allow all xml files in web-root 6 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей cd38a60396 + woff2 support 6 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей be1385a4a5 * webp config from offline imageresponsive moved separate file in includes.d 6 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей cbb1d79584 + webp octobercms support 6 months ago
dimti e6477518d2 * restart php-fpm container after enable profiler 7 months ago
dimti 0f9a528f62 - remove winpty things (fix spaces) 8 months ago
dimti ea0ee2c28a - remove winpty things 8 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) d6b28eeb74 - Remove DST_Root_CA3 from workspace 8 months ago
dimti b10442065d - turn off restart workspace container option after start|stop xdebug 8 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей 8c8e29a918 + fastcgi SERVER_NAME with $host nginx variable for correctly passing server name to xdebug in phpstorm 9 months ago
dimti 1945097f11 * fix update apt 9 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) 3535a09ce9 + profiler things 9 months ago
Прокопенко Алексей 93eddcdf84 + xdebug ini 9 months ago
dimti 10231ac87b + inbucket in example 10 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) c5e6559db2 + example of network aliases for nginx 10 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) 73e2eb7853 + possible change node version with build finish image of workspace 10 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) db0bb333fa * reuse ARG in workspace 11 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) 0a3a980f8b * correct filepath to composer auth 11 months ago
Alexander Demidov (Vostro) 07e3499946 * Increase docker-compose.yml file version from 3.6 to 3.9 11 months ago
dimti 9103721fbe + remote_autostart & remote_enable in xdebug set to 1 with xdebug start 11 months ago
cin_malik 4ae9b30644 - disable numeric assets rewrite 1 year ago
Paul e9596a7e11 mtsql.sh fix 1 year ago
Anton 5f1e9498c8 * simplify elastic container names 1 year ago
Anton ec31427cb7 * elastic main yml file to gitignore 1 year ago
Прокопенко Алексей 3955c89a85 * pass INSTALL_REDIS env var 1 year ago
Alexander Demidov 57ebccad04 * helper script use container-like launch logic 1 year ago
Anton 0609ced666 * fix path of composer auth 1 year ago
Alexander Demidov 2a88fe11f2 * up docker-compose example 1 year ago
Alexander Demidov ff0b62ed49 * correctly pass secrets to workspace-containers 1 year ago
dimti fb9e1c6f4f - remove rename php.ini-development from user space build 1 year ago
dimti f68bf45fae * src for workspace & php build 1 year ago
dimti e051d0100c * elastic use include 1 year ago
dimti 29a58620f5 * additional php extension moved to php-version dependency dockerfile 1 year ago